Executive Board

The Triangle Digital Humanities Network is guided by an Executive Board consisting of the following members:

President: Hannah Jacobs (Duke)

President-Elect: Maggie Murphy (UNCG)

Immediate Past President (ex-officio): Nathan Kelber (JStor Labs)

Secretary: Kathryn Wymer (NCCU)

Executive Board Representatives: Kemba N’Namdi (MDH); Donna Kain (ECU); Natalie Ornat (UNCC); John Knox (UNCW); Brooke Andrade (NHC); Melissa Lingle-Martin (Independent Scholar)

Web and Co-Communications Manager: Claire Cahoon (UNC Chapel Hill)

The Board is elected during the spring TDHI, and the terms last from July – June, roughly following the academic year. The specific duties and responsibilities of the Board are being determined in the upcoming TDHN bylaws. Any question or concerns for the Executive Board can be directed to triangledhnetwork@gmail.com.