Make an Impact with Open Access

Last week was Open Access Week! Between October 22nd and October 28th, OA supporters across the Triangle celebrated with speaking events, workshops, and movie screenings. When I first heard about OA Week, a question came to mind. Maybe you’re wondering, too: What does Open Access have to do with the Digital Humanities? I’d seen enough … Continue reading “Make an Impact with Open Access”

Why does the Triangle need a DH Network?

Giraffe onesie hanging up on a rack of dresses

Last week, I found something interesting at the thrift store: a giraffe onesie, hanging up with the dresses. You can imagine the confusion of the poor employee who sorted this thing. Does a onesie belong in sleepwear or coats? Should they throw it into the stuffed animals bin with the rest of the giraffes? “Women’s … Continue reading “Why does the Triangle need a DH Network?”

Open Access Week – An Interview with Todd Bowser

open access logo banner

What is Open Access to you, and why does it matter? Open Access is a means of reclaiming the authors’ rights of individuals who do research, and leveraging those rights to create permanent and equitable access to the intellectual output of research communities. Not enough people talk about the idea of a public knowledge commons, … Continue reading “Open Access Week – An Interview with Todd Bowser”